Why work from home when you can Worksocial?

As a corporate professional, travelling long distances to and from the office every day, crawling through peak hour traffic or impersonating a sardine on public transport is never a pleasant experience. Wouldn’t you like to replace the time spent on the daily commute to what really matters in life such as spending time with the family?

On the other hand, as an independent freelancer, the home office can offer a great work/life balance but there can be distractions that limit your productivity. And it’s always better to enjoy interaction with other people. Coffee shops are an option – but let’s face it – their purpose is more on the social side rather than leaning towards business.

Thankfully there is an alternative that will:

  • Eliminate the long commute
  • Enhance your work/life balance
  • Offer networking opportunities with like-minded professionals.
  • Provide all the essential business tools to work effectively

Worksocial is your local coworking office space. It’s been designed specifically for both entrepreneurs starting their own business and for corporate professionals who’ve negotiated flexible work arrangements with their employers.

The benefits of coworking are well established. Independent professionals and corporate employees with flexible arrangements perform better when working together than they do operating alone. In a co-working environment, the space is shared but the work is autonomous. While the workers aren’t necessarily employed by the same company, the benefits of the communal approach, enhances the quality and productivity for all involved.

While our members are diverse, one attribute that we all share is an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to achieve more than we could on our own. This is a highly supportive, collaborative ecosystem of likeminded individuals. While you’re still responsible for your own output, you’ll be surrounded by peers who’ll only be too happy to bounce around ideas at the water cooler.

Worksocial is the perfect space to discover new ideas, connect, network and build your career.


Come join the corporate vibes at Worksocial!


We offer

  • A free community space
  • Hot desks
  • Permanent desks with drawers, shelves and filing cabinet
  • 3-6 seat offices available
  • High speed wired and wireless internet
  • Electricity, water, cleaning, air conditioning
  • Peers who you can bounce ideas off!


  • Fully furnished 26 seat office space
  • Kitchen with a coffee machine and kettle for tea
  • Print, scanning and photocopy services
  • Meeting rooms
  • Boardroom
  • Interactive 70" LCD presentation display
  • Street parking
  • Toilets


  • Building signage
  • Voip phone system
  • Locker storage
  • Mailbox

Location and Hours

  • Positioned just off the M1 midway between Brisbane and Surfers Paradise - in Ormeau
  • 24/7 secure access for permanent members and business hours access for hot deskers and the community

Our Story

Worksocial was created by Dan Macready, a local business owner searching for a way to enjoy more balance between his work and his beautiful family. No stranger to round-the-clock working, Dan sought out a solution to allow him to be as available as possible for both, and Worksocial was born.

“I actually dreamt up the idea of Worksocial while I was on yet another long commute to work a few years ago” said Mr Macready. “I was wasting so much time just commuting to and from work. I was out of the house before the kids woke up and often didn’t get home until long after they went to bed.”

Dan left his city-based job to work for himself at home, which solved the problem of not seeing the family but gave rise to a whole new set of issues;

“The isolation of working for myself was just extreme. We had some great staff working with me from our home, but I had nowhere professional to take clients, and I was at the mercy of the spare bedroom or the local coffee shop for my office - neither of which were exactly inspiring either!’

Once the idea of a coworking office space took hold, Dan realised it had other benefits too: “One of the ways in which Worksocial is different to a lot of other coworking spaces is that we only allow complementary business types in there.” said Dan “This means each business can really benefit from the other members, instead of competing with them. It’s a mini community, an ecosystem in its own right.”

The most important thing for Dan, founder of this innovative space, is to make a positive and lasting impact for families and businesses, stretching all the way from Brisbane right down to the southern Gold Coast. This pilot project hopes to be the first of many similar centres, each with facilities such as meeting rooms also available for hire by the public, networking and development opportunities for local business owners and freelancers, and events for the whole family to enjoy..

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